KMIS 2015: Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Engineering, and Knowledge Management

The 7th installment of the Joint Conference on Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Engineering, and Knowledge Management was held earlier this month week in Portugal’s capital, Lisbon. One of the conference’s notable keynote speakers was Jan Vanthienen, a pioneer in organizational theory, and professor of business and information systems engineering at KU Leuven in Belgium. We were particularly looking forward to Jan’s keynote, as his primary academic focus focuses on decision sciences and knowledge management, two central themes here at Maven.

You may ask yourself, what exactly are ‘decision sciences?’

Jan and his team were behind the development of the Decision Model & Notation™ standard, a modeling notation for operational decisions. His team’s model for decision logic gives organizations a strong tool for improving and innovating business operations. Throughout his presentation, Jan stresses the need not only for effective knowledge management, but models from which to base effective decision-making. “Modern, smart businesses use the full power of information and knowledge to reach excellent performance.”

The most prominent take-away from Jan’s keynote was that the need to manage, analyze, and discover knowledge is now more essential to the success of large enterprises than ever before.

Jan’s keynote presentation can be viewed on the KMIS 2015 website here: On Smart Data, Decisions and Processes.