Convetit and Maven Co-Host Thought Leader ThinkTank Following Paris Climate Change Conference

Strategic partnership enables cross-industry collaboration and debate around COP21 pledges and outcomes

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (PRWEB) JANUARY 20, 2016 — Convetit, a hi-velocity research and innovation company and Maven, the world’s first knowledge discovery platform, announce the findings of their latest co-hosted Virtual ThinkTank. The engagement brought together experts from around the world to assess the outcomes of last month’s COP21 Climate Change Summit in Paris. Leading energy scientists, sustainability experts, industry thought-leaders, and policy officials in related fields put their minds together to debate the climate goals set at COP21, their feasibility, and anticipated effect on the US energy industry.

In the week following the Paris Climate Change Conference, Maven and Convetit launched the Virtual ThinkTank via Convetit’s proprietary collaboration and innovation platform. The engagement kicked off with a thorough review of the outcomes of COP21. Reactions fell across the spectrum, with some participants touting COP21 as a magnificent achievement, and others highlighting the shortcomings and ambiguities of the pledges made at the conference.

Next, participants weighed in on the conference’s impact on the US energy industry. Participants identified and debated the possible technological game-changers for decarbonizing the future. The lively debate continued around the clock, focusing primarily on forecasting future trends in energy industry in the new era of energy distribution and conservation.

  • Responses to the COP21 agreement ranged considerably, but ultimately highlighted the gap between greenhouse gas reduction needs and pledges made.
  • There is no silver bullet to achieve the goals established at the conference, but rather a “cocktail” of solutions needed from several sources.
  • The private sector may be best positioned to drive these solutions and the business case is compelling.
  • As country level INDCs (Intended Nationally Determined Contributions) will not lead to regulatory penalties for those who do not meet their targets, fulfilling COP21 goals will take courageous acts of leadership at all levels.

“Given the sense of urgency that came out of the talks in Paris, we wanted to quickly provide an outlet for these critical conversations to continue,” said Convetit CEO, Tom O’Malley. “It is exciting for us to watch our tool be leveraged to bring together experts to debate a topic that affects us all.”

Convetit engaged Maven’s Global Knowledge Marketplace to source industry experts from around the world involved with clean technology, sustainability, as well as environmental and energy policy. The online engagement was co-facilitated by Ripudaman Malhotra, co-author of A Cubic Mile of Oil, Rene DeConing, Strategic Insights Lead in the Oil & Gas Industry, Bill Baue, Corporate Sustainability Architect, and Dr. Raj Thamotheram, CEO of Preventable Surprises.

ThinkTank participants included: 

The intended outcome of the discussion was to gain unique, balanced perspectives on the outcomes of the COP21 accord during a pivotal moment for both climate and energy. With that goal in mind, all stakeholders in this engagement plan to leverage the wealth of information and analysis that was produced during the three-day symposium as well as cross-industry connections that were made during the engagement. The key findings of the discussion, and more than 100 pages of material, will be disbursed across strategic media channels and will be made publicly available.

The full post-COP21 engagement, including summaries and infographics outlining key insights, may be found here. Organizations and members of the media interested in utilizing the content should contact Maven or Convetit for publishing details.

“Virtual ThinkTanks are a fantastic tool for convening qualified experts in disparate locations for meaningful discourse on important topics,” said Maven co-founder and CEO Wyatt Nordstrom. “Maven and our Knowledge Marketplace participants were thrilled to work with Convetit on this effort.”

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