For the second time in recent memory, brain cancer has taken someone close to the Maven family. Michael Patrick Carey, father of Maven friend Kate Cilio, passed away on Friday after a valiant four-year battle with this horrible disease. Mike’s death comes less than four years after Roman Platosh, father of Maven co-founder Mark Platosh, succumbed to the same ailment.

Mike was a disabled veteran, businessman, father of three daughters, expert marksman, and shooting sports enthusiast. His remarkable struggle against glioblastoma (the particularly virulent form of brain cancer that also took Senator Edward Kennedy and noted journalist Bob Novak) has been studied extensively by the medical community, helping to advance our understanding of the condition. Against a condition for which average survival is measured in months, Mike fought for years.

Maven is in the knowledge business, so diseases that attack the brain – including cancer, dementia, and Alzheimer’s – are particularly troubling to us. Our sympathies go out to Kate and her family, and we ask everyone to join the fight against brain cancer in memory of Mike and Roman. To learn more about how you can help bring an end to this disease, please visit the websites of the American Brain Tumor Association and the National Brain Tumor Society.