Several months ago while reviewing Maven transaction data we noticed something interesting: the name “Prakash Balakrishnan” kept popping up in the referral reports. We didn’t know Prakash at the time, but we couldn’t miss the sheer volume and quality of his efforts, so we decided to reach out and see what motivated him. Here is what he had to say:

Maven is a passion for me because it enhances my knowledge on innovative subjects and satisfies my curious nature. Learning about new topics helps me to stay updated and challenges me intellectually, not to mention it offers an excellent platform to stay connected with some of the brightest minds on this planet. The financial rewards for my referrals are an added bonus!

Prakash lives in Bahrain, where he is a marketing manager in the information technology industry. He isn’t the first Maven “super recruiter,” but he has certainly emerged as one of the most prolific. We were fascinated to find out that his interest in Maven was about more than just “the money” – while he has earned thousands of dollars in Referral Commissions, the opportunity to learn about new topics and network with other smart professionals are far more important to him.