With the fall season in full swing, Maven customers have been busier than ever working on new projects, which is great news for our Mavens! If you haven’t been checking the Bulletin Board regularly, we encourage you to visit more frequently to see a full list of projects for which you are invited to apply.  Some areas of expertise have been in particularly great demand recently, including knowledge of the industrial and commercial automotive industries, software and hardware Value-Added Reselling (VARS), and power utilities industries.

Aside from those areas, here are few current projects for which you can apply or refer others:

  • Steel mill builders: looking for individuals located in Europe or Asia familiar with how steel mills choose an original equipment manufacturer (OEM).
  • Copper wire manufacturing: the customer would like to speak with anyone that is able to discuss the main players and the overall competitive environment of the industry.
  • Personal video services: users of SeaChange International’s services would be helpful for a customer who would like to learn more about the company.
  • Pharmaceutical phosphorous: individuals familiar with the pharmaceutical use and supply of this product in the U.S. are needed.

Are you knowledgeable on any of these topics? If so, you should visit the Bulletin Board right away to take advantage of current high levels of interest in these areas. Likewise, if you are conducting research in any of these areas, Maven can help you – contact us and we will demonstrate our capabilities.