Simply being prepared for your next big meeting is sometimes not enough to succeed in today’s hyper-competitive corporate world. In order to stay on top of your game, you need to bring more to the table to make an impact. Maven can provide you with the secret weapon that will really impress at your next meeting. We’ve had a lot of recent feedback from our customers telling us that they have been using Maven for exactly this purpose.

A few weeks ago, one of our customers called us for assistance; he was scheduled to present at a large meeting and he needed some extra reports to bolster his presentation. The topic was a very complex combination of materials science, nutrition, and medicine and he needed survey responses from a diverse group — completed and presentation-ready — within 48 hours.

Within an hour of his initial request we had built and deployed the electronic survey. Over the course of the next 24 hours the survey was filled. Ultimately, we were able to deliver the final reports to him the evening before his big meeting. After his presentation, the customer provided excellent feedback; the teams that he presented to across North America, Europe, and Asia were extremely impressed with not only the quality of work that Maven delivered, but also the speed. The outcome of the survey broadened the scope of possibilities for the teams and spurred better discussion and innovation on the topic they were investigating. In the end, the customer’s choice to work with Maven served as a feather in his hat at the meeting and resulted in a more productive and energized session with the involved teams.

The next time that you have a huge meeting or presentation where you feel that there’s something missing, you can always turn to Maven – even at the eleventh hour – and we will gladly be your secret weapon.