For several years a major transformation has been occurring in the global workforce as increasing numbers of professionals opt to leave traditional full-time employment to pursue careers as freelancers and consultants. In fact, this trend has accelerated over the past few years, and according to some estimates by the year 2020 the majority of workers (including white collar workers) in the United States will be independent consultants instead of employees of companies.

The reasons for this are myriad, including improved technology and communications, professionals’ desire for more flexibility and control over their professional lives, companies’ need for increasing amounts of “niche” expertise… and, of course, services like Maven (not to mention our friends at oDesk, Elance, Business Talent Group, and 1099 Partners) that make it easier for consultants and employers to locate each other.

At Maven we specialize in empowering professionals to profit from their professional knowledge and connections, which means we’re passionate about the trend toward more freelance and full-time consulting opportunities. We have compiled some research on this trend (and conducted some of our own), which we are pleased to share with you. Click here to view our presentation entitled “Welcome to the Freelance Economy.”