I hope you had a great summer (or winter if you are in the Southern Hemisphere). Maven’s summer was spectacular on all fronts. We released some big improvements to our Electronic Survey product, announced our upcoming Open Innovation conference (open2012), and grew our global consultant network by over 25%. That’s right, there are 25% more Mavens than there were just a few months ago – that’s tens of thousands of new participants in the Global Knowledge Marketplace!

We have a big announcement to make, so let’s get started…

Join Us for open2012

We are pleased to announce that Maven will bring the Open Innovation community to Silicon Valley in early December for open2012 – a one-day symposium introducing the most important development in innovation management in the last fifty years to the most innovative place in the world.

OI luminaries, practitioners, and service providers will join with venture capitalists and entrepreneurs at the Computer History Museum on December 11th to discuss the origins, present state, and future of Open Innovation.

All are welcome at open2012 and we’d love to have you join us. Click here to learn more and register.

A Growing Network Helps You

Maven’s global consultant network grew over 25% in the past three months. Tens of thousands of new Mavens joined the fold, giving you more opportunities than ever to benefit from your participation. Here are three ways a bigger network benefits you:

  • More Connections – Use the Network tab to connect with other Mavens. On average, people with more connections make more money!
  • More Opportunities – As the network grows, we attract more and more customers, leading to more opportunities to consult and respond to Surveys. Check out the Bulletin Board for open customer inquiries available to you RIGHT NOW.
  • More Expertise at Your Fingertips – Imagine having an infinite Rolodex, allowing you to immediately connect with every conceivable type of expertise. That’s Maven – a business utility available to all professionals (including you!) all the time. If you haven’t used Maven before, try launching an inquiry from your Dashboard or contact an Account Manager and we’ll teach you how to source expertise.

Never Miss an Opportunity

We know that you’re very busy and don’t have time to login and check the Maven Bulletin Board every day for new opportunities. That’s why we frequently post (several times per day, in fact) urgent needs to our Social Media channels, including our LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages.

Thanks again for being part of the Maven community. As always, let me know if you any questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions for how we can make Maven better.