As a Maven, you are given opportunities to share what you know.  These opportunities begin with your profile.

The best, quickest, and most effective way to share your expertise in your Maven profile is through your Knowledge Summary.  “But why?” you ask, “I have already uploaded my resumé, isn’t that enough?”

While we appreciate the detail that a well-crafted resumé may include, a well-written Knowledge Summary outlines who you are and what you know in a narrative format that is quicker and easier to read than a traditional resumé.  Users have the ability to peruse thousands of Maven profiles when searching for experts with which to consult.  Naturally, they read the most easily digestible piece of information first — the Knowledge Summary.  If a Maven has an incomplete or blank bio, this can hurt his or her chances of being invited to consult.

You can still upload your resumé to your profile, and we encourage you to do so.  But don’t ruin your chances of being recognized as the valuable expert that you are by neglecting your Knowledge Summary.  Here’s a few tips to enhance your bio and show your best self on Maven:

  • Write in complete sentences. Save the bullets for your resume.  Your bio should be a brief narrative (two or three paragraphs) of your background and expertise.
  • Be Anonymous. Professional bios read as if someone else is describing you.  Write in the third person, using “This Maven…” to describe yourself and your experience.
  • Use Keywords. Users search for Mavens using keywords, so make sure that you include mention of industries you have worked in, projects you have worked on, and any brands, products or technologies of which you have professional exposure and/or knowledge.