We’ve all been there. Even the most diehard workaholic among us has occasionally taken a vacation, even if just a brief one. And what do many of us end up doing in the last few days before we set the out-of-office? If you’re like most, you spend a while triaging the to-do lists. After delegating as much as possible, you separate what absolutely must be accomplished before you take off and what can wait until you get back. Inevitably, the time slips away faster than expected, and the list of items that must await your return grows longer and longer.

And, what happens when you do return, rested and refreshed from some time away? The vacation-induced tranquility rapidly fades as you spend days wading through not only the pile of things that came up while you were gone, but also the lengthy list of things that you put off until you returned. When you finally catch your breath, you begin to realize how much time has elapsed since you first began pushing things out until after your vacation. And, so you finally get back to a normal level of productivity after what seems like twice the amount of time you actually spent away! If only there were a better way.

There is; let Maven show you how to make your vacation more efficient!

Some years ago, a very astute client of Maven figured out how to leverage the power of Maven’s Global Knowledge Marketplace while he was on vacation and out of touch. As he was engaging in the usual pre-vacation to-do list triage, it occurred to him that he may as well tell his Maven Account Manager about a few things he’d need to work on upon his return. It took him no more than 5 minutes to have this brief conversation. He hardly gave it a second thought until some weeks later. After finishing up the usual post-vacation catch-up, he listened to a voicemail from his Maven Account Manager. It went pretty much like this:

“Great idea to have us work on a few projects for you while you were out on summer holiday. We set everything up on the Maven platform last week, and now you have a dozen fully qualified candidates that are ready to speak with you upon your return. Since we knew you’d be away, I set these projects up to indicate that you wouldn’t be available for scheduling until right after Labor Day. That seemed to work perfectly, as each candidate submitted multiple available times for you during the first two weeks of September. Welcome back, and let me know if you need any help finalizing the scheduling for these calls.”

Believe it or not, this particular client had actually forgotten that he had even contacted Maven about these projects before he left. He grinned with delight when he remembered his flash of brilliance and how much time this was going to save him now that he was back.

Summer’s almost over, so if you’re heading out on vacation soon, give us a call to put the power of the Maven platform to work for you while you’re away. It’s sure to make your next vacation your most efficient one ever.