A few weeks back we used this space to fill you in on of our most popular products, Electronic Surveys. Here is an interesting example of a Survey we recently conducted for a big company.

The topic of this particular survey concerned something we all use everyday but probably don’t think about too much: toilets. Specifically, the customer wanted to learn about current market trends in the toilet industry and about new innovations in toilet technology.

Yes, we were amused. But at Maven, a big part of what we do is help people study various industries, and if you think about it, toilets are a pretty big part of the global plumbing fixtures industry – which is ENORMOUS. Toilets are everywhere. We all need them, which means that lots of people out there spend a lot of time thinking about how to design them, manufacture them, market them, sell them, and install them. And it turns out there’s quite a bit of science and technology involved in making a modern toilet – everything from fluid dynamics to ceramic engineering to vacuum science are at play. Toilets touch a lot of people (so to speak), so it only stands to reason that companies would be interested in finding ways to get a piece of the action.

To help our customer, we surveyed a targeted population of toilet manufacturers, contractors, plumbers, and other industry experts. Less than 12 hours after we launched the study, we had delivered written responses from a solid cadre of experts, giving the customer visibility into such things as which toilet manufacturers and models are currently the most popular and the overall direction the toilet industry is heading. Armed with these detailed insights, our customer began a project to help position their company to take advantage of the trends identified.

Although the topic of this Survey was unusual, the outcome wasn’t. Maven Surveys quickly deliver extremely intelligent and useful insights from hypertargeted groups of professionals. It’s a great way to get multiple perspectives from “on-the-ground” experts. Perhaps more interestingly, this example perfectly demonstrates Maven’s mantra: EVERYBODY Knows Something! The plumbing fixtures manufacturers, contractors, and plumbers we surveyed probably never expected to get paid to answer a Survey on toilets, but they did… and the valuable insights they provided will arm our customer with the knowledge they need to make better business decisions.

Know something about a “mundane” topic? Chances are somebody out there would like to learn from you. Join Maven and profit from what you know.