Have you checked out the Bulletin Board recently? It has quickly become a great way to find consulting opportunities on Maven. Click here to review details of open inquiries, apply for consideration, or refer someone else.

Here’s a sampling of some current open opportunities:

  • Network security analytics –  The customer is looking at how companies in the network security market compare.

  • AMR pilot labor negotiations – This customer would like to speak with Mavens who are familiar with the status and future of AMR pilots.

  • YouTube – Do you have experience creating videos, building a following, and analyzing your YouTube traffic? The customer is seeking someone to co-author a short eBook on this topic.

  • CampingWorld – Do you know about the market for RVs? The customer would like to find out more about the retailer CampingWorld’s products.

  • Protein Drug Candidate – Were you at the conference where Joseph Podojil, Ph.D. of the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University recently presented scientific information related to CGEN-15001’s therapeutic potential? This customer would love to discuss the findings.

  • Fertilizer production capacity – Are you fluent in fertilizers? This customer would like to learn about the production of urea and ammonia fertilizers.

If you are knowledgeable on any of these topics, login to your account today to read the detailed project descriptions and apply. If you aren’t already a Maven, join now so you can view and apply to open opportunities on the Bulletin Board! Be sure to check the Bulletin Board frequently as it is constantly being updated with new projects.