Hi everybody, Chuck Hester here. As a Social Media Maven, I often get asked how individuals can leverage the web to improve their visibility and generate new professional opportunities. As the only online network specifically devoted to helping professionals profit from what and who they know, Maven provides a perfect vehicle for this.

As a Maven, you have access to three key capabilities for promoting your participation in Maven through external sources: your Maven Public Profile, your Custom Referral Link, and your Maven Network. Here are a few quick ways you can use these features to increase your opportunities to profit on Maven. These tips can help you to generate more views of your Maven profile, more requests to consult through Maven, and more Referral Commissions.

  1. Add a link to your Maven Public Profile to your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts. Your profile page on each of these social networking sites features a “websites” section where you can provide links to more information about you. The link to your Maven Public Profile (if you have activated yours) is perfect content for this purpose.  It’s a simple addition that can make a big difference.
  2. Follow Maven on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Join our groups to keep up with new developments at Maven, find out about special opportunities to consult, and network with other Maven members.
  3. Build up your Maven Network. Invite people you know to connect with you on Maven. Search engines work by “crawling” through websites via links. The more links you have to your Maven Public Profile (if you have one activated), the faster the search engines like Google will be able to find you and show you in search results. Adding Network connections on Maven is an easy way to build up such links- not to mention that more connections make it easier for our matching system to find you and present you with opportunities to consult!
  4. Add your Maven Public Profile link to your email signature. Including links to your social media accounts on your email signature is a best practice that can increase visibility into your personal and professional characteristics to those with whom you interact on a daily basis. Be sure to include a link to your Maven Public Profile here as well, so you can help spread the word about Maven and advertise your availability as a Maven consultant.
  5. Post your Maven Public Profile link and your Custom Referral Link to your own website. Don’t forget to highlight your Maven Public Profile on your personal website or blog. Also create a standing “invitation” to those visiting your site to join Maven by including your Custom Referral Link.

Following these simple steps can make a big difference and raise your online visibility considerably.