Are We Headed Toward a Cashless Future? – Maven’s Virtual Ideation Panel Asks Industry Insiders

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) — January 29, 2017

Cashless future

India recently made global shockwaves by announcing the elimination of its 500 and 1000-rupee notes, which account for about 86% of its currency in circulation, driving (some might say forcing) the country towards a cashless future. Some advocate that the United States and other countries consider following suit. If digital currencies are the future, how quickly will we get there?  And what are the advantages and dangers facing us?

Intrigued, Maven commissioned its third public Virtual Ideation Panel (VIP) and assembled experts in economics and financial security to discuss mobile payments, digital money and the future of cash. Showcasing the power of virtual, moderated discussion, Maven’s VIP product provides a forum for participants to address complicated, timely issues among relevant experts from related but diverse fields.

The group agreed on three major factors contributing to the evolution of currency: payment networks like Visa and Mastercard, technology (e.g., ATM, credit cards, smartphones) and the end of Bretton Woods.

Participants focused on ways our current and future financial landscape may be influenced by other societal, demographic and technological trends, like biometrics and the automation of jobs. The majority of participants concluded that nations should retain their own currency and develop more concrete international agreements regarding security standards.

Key predictions and outcomes from the discussion will be dispersed across strategic media channels and will be made publicly available for review (all rights reserved). The Virtual Ideation Panel will remain online for interested parties to read through in full and includes an infographic outlining key insights. Organizations and members of the media interested in utilizing the content should contact Maven for publishing details. The uniquely transparent conversation was moderated by expert facilitator, Jayesh Patel. Participants included:

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