Last month we announced our public Virtual Ideation Panel (VIP) regarding the future of money. The VIP was postponed and – you’re in luck – is live THIS WEEK! You can follow along here now through January 13. We hope you enjoy watching the discussions unfold, and that 2017 brings you insightful conversations of your own!

January 2017 Newsletter

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Thank you to all our panelists for joining us this week! A few highlights from Day One:

“Beyond the impact of Visa and MasterCard, mobile wallets and mobile money are enabling millions of merchants and cardholders to gain access to payment networks … In 2014 over 2.1 trillion Kenya Shillings were exchanged over the MPesa network, equal to 50% of the Kenya GDP.” –Richard Bialek, CEO at Global Technology Partners

“I think it’s the behavior-change demanding “convenience” by all the parties involved which has pushed repeated innovations in money/payment platforms as much as the other way round.” –Sourajit Aiyer, Investor Relations & Corporate Planning at Motilal Oswal Financial Services
“Traditional banking and payments models, as well as “legacy” currencies have been unable to unlock the human and economic potential for a large segment of the global population. Technology developments over the last couple of decades have significantly changed the game.” –Ramesh Lekshmynarayanan, Managing Principle at Green Catapult



When Talk Isn’t Cheap

At Maven, we believe in the power of productive conversations – and not just because our business depends on it. Learning how to listen well and express ideas clearly will help any company or person work with more clarity and joy. In our experience and research, we have found the keys to successful conversation are:
Don’t ask leading questions. If you think you already know something about the topic, reserve your own opinion to allow the other person to answer honestly.
Ask defined questions. Determine your intention and needs before jumping in. Don’t be afraid to talk at a high-level, but return to your objectives for grounding.
Identify your bias, and theirs. Various professions will look at the same challenge in a different light, so use this advantage to gain insight rather than frustration. Diverse perspectives will create a richer solution.
Performing is not just for show. When you want to get down to business, niceties can feel extraneous – but a positive tone and easeful rhythm will make it easier for people to stay engaged with the vital content of your conversation.



Immediate Needs for Expertise

Know anybody who meets any of these descriptions?
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  • Small Consumer Vehicle Experts
  • Engineering, Procuring & Construction Professionals
  • Pharmaceutical Bioprocessing Experts
  • Experts in Circulating Nucleic Acid Analysis
  • Egg Processing Experts in Brazil
  • Marine Vessel Operations Professionals (Naval, Oil & Gas, etc.)