We’re excited to announce the launch of Maven’s new, mobile-optimized website! Now it’s easier than ever to stay up-to-date on Maven news and updates, and quickly access available consulting opportunities on-the-go. Make sure to take a peek at our new Help Wanted page, where you can earn 50% referral commissions for project-specific referrals. I have also included a new Case Study of one of our recent projects and some of our top recruiting needs for this month.

Referral Rewards

Maven’s Bulletin Board and Help Wanted page are now mobile-optimized, which means you can check for new consulting inquiries on your iPad, phone or laptop throughout the day so you’re sure never to miss and opportunity – or a chance to refer a personal or professional colleague for referral commissions.

Refer someone to a project directly, and we will credit you with 50% of their earnings as a thank you for delivering a qualified respondent to the project. You win, your colleague wins, and our customers win!

Hot or Not (Commercial Solar Adoption)

Before the corporate strategy team at a mid-sized energy company could invest in a promising commercial solar company, the team needed to understand the factors causing solar power’s slow adoption rate in SMBs, despite well-publicized advantages and long-term cost savings.

Check out how Maven helped the team uncover important industry clues in advance of making their investment decision here.

Top Recruiting Needs

Know anybody who meets any of these descriptions? If so,
introduce them to Maven and earn Referral Commissions.

  • Residential Construction Professionals (General contractors or remodelers)
  • eCommerce Professionals
  • Chief Informatics Officers
  • Residential Ceiling Fan Manufacturers
  • Polymer Processing Professionals
  • Cell Therapy Experts