It’s Thursday again, and that means social media is blowing up with “Throwback Thursday” moments, complete with “tbt” hashtags and scanned baby pictures circa 1980-something. Though seemingly a frivolous social media trend spurred and dominated by the millennial generation, social media users of all ages are starting to catch on. Steadily growing, it seems as though this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and Fortune has turned to figuring out why that is.

Though taking place in a busy and crowded technological environment, #throwbackthursday has been gaining the interest of social media users because of one simple, very human weakness – nostaglia. Fortune cites a 2008 study from Psychological Science that says “Nostalgia is a psychological resource that protects and fosters mental health. Nostalgia strengthens social connectedness and belongingness, partially ameliorating the harmful repercussions of loneliness.” In short, #tbt makes us feel as though we’re not alone in the wide open world of social cyberspace, and that keeps us coming back for more.

Last Thursday, Maven celebrated the fifth anniversary of our official launch. We have come a long way through connecting people since 2009 and needless to say, were very busy celebrating #TBT and the continued growth of Maven.