James Nielsen set the world record for the fastest beer mile this week. Finishing in 4 minutes, 57 seconds is nothing short of a miracle, especially when you consider he stopped ever quarter mile for a can of beer (it is part of the rules)! There are RULES when it comes to breaking records for the beer mile.

As James talks about in his YouTube video, there is a science behind the beer mile and even professional athletes need to reach out for expertise in order to reach their goals. In addition to a year of training, he consulted with chemists on the composition of beer and studied the esophagus in order to learn how to drink beer faster. All of the expert insights and hard work enabled him to be the best this week.

The lesson learned, no matter what you are trying to figure out, it is always smart to ask a Maven. They will guide you to victory. So…

  • If you want to break the beer mile record and need an expert, James is the man.
  • If you want to learn about beer, Matt Simpson is your Maven.