In a day and age where information is literally only a click away and Siri can answer (almost) any question you ask, it’s amazing anyone wonders about anything at all! But as powerful as the World Wide Web can be, people still have questions that require more than a Google search.

While an aviation expert can speculate about what may have occurred with the Malaysian Airlines flight and a geologist can discuss the science of landslides, definitive answers to these tragedies are not yet known. What we do know is there is comfort that comes from the words of an expert, rather than the SEO-based findings of a

Maven’s platform brings together the technological benefits of speed and connectivity with the intricacies of human communication to deliver answers to the otherwise unanswerable questions.

As the world is ever-changing, so are the questions our colleagues and customers ask. Whether publicized in the news or not, there are topics being pondered. Here is a list of the top trending projects on Maven:

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