‘Tis the basketball season and Monday morning water cooler chat revolves around whose March Madness bracket has taken the lead. This friendly competition builds morale, but like so many other distractions it may decrease your productivity for the day. With a plethora of blogs to follow, social media outlets to check, meetings to attend, emails to read, it’s amazing we are still productive today!

According to Business Insider, the United States alone spends 114 BILLION minutes per month on Facebook! Atlassian has calculated that we check our email 36 times an hour on average and that 73% of employees attending meetings are actually doing other work while in the meeting! Time is precious and as the to-do list grows with every email received, wouldn’t it be nice to have back up?

Put Maven to work while you are bragging about your lead in the March Madness festivities or head off to another meeting where you will be checking Facebook instead of the agenda. We’ll boost your productivity while you are managing all of life’s other distractions.