As all veterans know, it is a privilege to serve in the United States Military. The magnitude of your responsibility hits you the minute you put on the uniform. This responsibility far exceeds any demands an entry-level position could impose on a typical college grad. The experience is character building and transferable to any job or situation. My military experience allowed me to build relationships with some of the most insightful, caring, and hard working individuals I have ever met. There is nothing quite like the bond between soldiers in combat. As an Afghanistan veteran (and Maven), I am proud of my five years of service and thankful for the opportunity to have served my country alongside extraordinary men and women.

In honor of Veterans Day, today we would like to take a moment to thank all of the current and past service members of the United States military.  We would especially like to thank all of the veterans in our network for sharing their knowledge, experience, and leadership with their fellow professionals.
Your unique skills and experience make you an integral part of the Maven community.

Editors Note: Evan Cleaver is a Maven Sales Manager in Philadelphia. Prior to joining the Maven team he spent five years as an EOD Operations Officer and EOD Platoon Leader in the United States Army.