Introducing a new series – Maven Manners 101!

Maven Manners 101 provides little snippets of insight that will lead to even MORE productive and successful engagements between Maven customers and consultants. The first part of the series will highlight ways to ensure a successful Phone Consultation.

Maven Manners 101:
Phone Etiquette

First things first, don’t be late for this very important date! We know all too well that life gets busy, but be courteous of others time and make sure to be available at the time of your scheduled call.  As Dr. P.M. Forni stated, “We respect other people’s time when we learn to value it as much as our own.”

Safety first! Maven understands the concept of being on the go, technology allows us to work from almost any location on the planet, but when it comes to taking phone calls it’s best to NOT be in motion. Maven clients and consultants both appreciate the value the other party brings to a conversation, so when you take a call consider the Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Don’t take calls while driving
  • Don’t take calls on a mobile device when in a bad service area
  • Don’t hesitate to call Maven if the connection is bad!
  • Do take the call from an office or land line
  • Do make sure you are in a quiet location
  • Do contact Maven if there is a bad connection. We are here to help solve the problem!