Greetings from Maven. With the summer months upon us, we thought we’d take a moment to share some tips for getting the most from Maven while on vacation. Also, we want to make sure you are aware of the new commission policy…check out the details below!

5X the Commissions!

At any given moment there are hundreds of open consulting opportunities on Maven. And while most of these probably aren’t appropriate for you personally, you might know people who could help. That’s why we’ve enhanced our unique Referral program to grant a 50% commission on project-specific referrals. That’s 5x the previous rate!

Everything else stays exactly the same. You’ll still receive ongoing commissions equal to 10% of whatever the people you refer to Maven make in their first year, but we’ve added this bonus in exchange for bringing us someone who can help one of our customers right now. Check out the Bulletin Board for some current open opportunities, and send us anyone you think could help!

Our Top Recruiting needs for the month of July:

  • Any professional in Ghana, Brazil, Japan, or China
  • Oil Services Professionals (both OEM and non-OEM)
  • Cosmetics and Skin Care Formulation Experts
  • Data Center Designers and Builders
  • Dentists in Germany
  • Dental Office Managers in Germany

Vacation Maven

Finally, we know that many of you are taking some time to relax, travel, and visit with family and friends over the next few months, but we want you to know that Maven keeps working to find opportunities for you to profit from your knowledge and connections even while you’re away. Take a few minutes to login to Maven, check your messages, and peruse the Bulletin Board for new opportunities. Who knows – a few minutes on Maven could help pay for that vacation!

Thanks again for being part of Maven!