Optimize Your Maven Visibility

One of the Frequently Asked Questions from our Mavens is how to ensure they are profiting fully from all that a Maven membership has to offer.  After activating your profile, of course, and occasionally checking in on our Bulletin Board to add yourself to a project or refer a colleague, what further steps can one take to highlight their Maven profile and maximize earnings?  That answer is simple.  Promote yourself with widgets!  Our Connect with Me and Consult with Me widgets are an easy way to improve your visibility and generate more consulting opportunities and earn referral commissions.

Connect with Me

The “Connect with Me ” widget can help you advertise your participation in Maven and build your network.

When someone clicks on your button they will see your Maven profile and be able to ask you to connect (you can still decide whether to accept or reject the connection request).  Or you can simply use this tool to invite others to join Maven, allowing you to earn 10% of all earnings that Maven receives during their first year of membership.

You can find out details on how to get your button here.

Consult with Me

The Consult with Me widget is also a great way for you to promote yourself as a Maven expert and generate more consulting requests.  Add this button to your blog, website, and email signature to highlight your profile.

In short, there are three simple steps to build your network and get more consulting offers:

  1. Activate your public profile
  2. Add the Connect with Me widget to your blog, website, and email signature
  3. Add the Consult with Me widget to your blog, website, and email signature

Use all three features to get the most from Maven.