In the past couple of post holiday weekend days, several Maven customers have mentioned how it is time to “get back to business” now that summer is more or less over. For these clients, the end of summer means juggling the overflow of unfinished work with an inflow of new projects and responsibilities (if they didn’t take advantage of their vacation time, of course). They are looking to Maven to help successfully close out existing projects and get new ones rolling.

Our suggestions? First, contact your Account Manager to help you with any outstanding or new requests. Our Account Management team is the most efficient tool to use when you need to get a project started and don’t have the time to search the network yourself. Don’t have a dedicated Account Manager yet? Contact us to speak with someone that can help.

Next, consider your end goal — are you looking for quick, informative data and opinions? If so, an Electronic Survey is likely your best bet. Recently, many customers have set up a project looking to conduct a Telephone Consultation only to then receive so many responses that they realized a targeted survey would have made more sense, since it would have provided them with detailed results without them having to spend time on the phone with multiple parties. During a busy season at work, surveys will provide you with the extra time you need for everything else. All you have to do is let us know what types of professionals you are targeting and an idea of the questions you are looking to have answered; beyond that, our professional survey writers will do the rest of the work for you. In the end, you’ll have a highly resourceful report presented to you, saving you time and making it feel like summer never ended.