The next time you visit the Maven Bulletin Board (or check your weekly Bulletin Board update email), remember that you can also refer people to projects if you see a topic you are not familiar with. Oftentimes, our customers find the best matches for their consultations via Bulletin Board referrals, which means that you’re earning money for taking just a few moments to email a colleague/friend/family member that comes to mind on a particular topic you see!

At Maven, our network is constantly growing through referrals, as noted in a recent post, and we have consistently found that our membership brings in highly qualified people. There are always new topics being added to the Bulletin Board, and some of the “hot topics” recently have been:

  • Retail trends: our customers have various interests in the retail industry, from Coach handbags to Crocs; if you can discuss brand trends and growth, our customers want to speak with you.
  • Tesla Motors: our customer needs to speak with someone that is familiar with the electric vehicle market, Tesla in particular.
  • Laptop fingerprint sensors: do you know all about laptop biometric fingerprint sensors, or know someone that does? Apply or refer today!

Have questions about referring members to Maven? Please contact us for help, and thank you for growing our network!