Open Innovation is the use of inflows and outflows of knowledge to accelerate internal innovation.  At Maven, we have noticed a wide variety of corporate roles embracing the movement toward obtaining knowledge from outside expertise.

Recently, one of our clients was looking to learn more about improving the safety of removing hydrogen sulfide from natural gas.  In this case, our client was working in a marketing role, exploring two key questions:

  1. Would the company’s product be successful if taken to the market
  2. Would it be embraced by professionals who work directly with hydrogen sulfide?

The client surveyed and consulted with chemists, engineers, oil experts, and geologists who were all able to provide insight and opinions based on their experience within their individual roles in the market.  By using Maven to consult with such professionals, the client was able to test the waters before deciding to move forward with the development of the product.

This is just one of many examples of how Maven facilitates Open Innovation.  We connect knowledge seekers to true experts and believe that professionals across all organizations and industries can benefit from interacting via the Maven platform.

No matter your role, Maven can be a critical resource for open innovation, connecting you to thee people who have answers to your professional questions.