A few weeks ago we mentioned that Maven is increasing the use of social media platforms including LinkedinFacebookTwitter and Google+ to highlight new projects, company news, and other interesting topics. Since then, our audiences on these channels have grown dramatically and our participants who follow us are finding more opportunities to engage in the conversation and consult with our customers.

Here are a couple of recent success stories from Mavens who have found new opportunities through our social media pages:

Geriatrician Referral

A Maven customer wanted to learn more about the treatment of intestinal conditions in the elderly. One of our participants saw a short writeup on the inquiry on Maven’s LinkedIn page and realized that a close friend of his was a geriatrician and could probably help. She referred her friend to Maven, who promptly joined Maven, applied for consideration for the Consultation, and was selected to speak with the customer. The geriatrician earned a substantial consulting fee for their participation and the Maven who referred the doctor received a Referral Commission for her quick thinking.

Elder Care Nurses

The same customer was also conducting an Electronic Survey of nursing professionals who specialize in senior and long term care. A Maven noticed a call for such individuals via our Twitter feed and realized that although he did specialize in elder care, he had been overlooked for the opportunity because his Maven profile did not indicate this type of expertise. He quickly logged in and requested consideration via the Maven Bulletin Board, and successfully completed the Survey. (He also updated his profile to better reflect his expertise so he won’t miss similar opportunities in the future!)

We invite you to share your publications, ideas and experiences on our social media platforms to expand your personal brand and reach a broader audience.