Thank you for helping make March our sixth-straight record month. We paid out more consulting fees and Referral Commissions than ever before, with some Mavens earning thousands of dollars for interacting with our customers. Some Mavens even found full-time consulting gigs via our Extended Consulting offering!

Thousands of Mavens responded to our iPad giveaway, creating hundreds of thousands of new connections. We also hit two major milestones with the release Maven 3.0, the latest version of our leading microconsulting platform, and the launch of our latest product, Knowledge Communities.

Read on for more on these important new developments.

Build Your Maven Network, Win a new iPad

On April 30th we’ll pick someone with at least 50 connections in their Maven Network and send them a 64GB WiFi version of the new iPad.

To be eligible, you just need 50 Maven connections (hint: click the “Connect with Me” button below my signature to get one). As a bonus, if you make 100 connections we’ll give you two entries in the drawing.

Click here to get started.

Introducing Knowledge Communities

Have you ever had trouble finding the right colleague to help with an important project? Do you wish you knew more about your coworkers’ and employees’ capabilities so you could make better use of their knowledge?

Knowledge Communities powered by Maven solves this problem. We’ve built the world’s first platform for identifying and interacting with qualified experts both within your company and beyond.

If your company is a Knowledge Communities subscriber, we’ll send you instructions for joining your company’s network (don’t worry, we’ll always protect your privacy). If not, we’d love to discuss how Maven can help your organization become more efficient.

Maven 3.0

Finally, we’re pleased to announce the release of Maven 3.0, the latest generation of our revolutionary microconsulting platform. At first glance, you might not notice much of a difference (other than our snazzy new homepage, of course), but take a closer look – big changes are afoot…

First, we’ve overhauled our registration system, making it a lot easier to join Maven. The people you invite to join Maven have a smoother path to membership, resulting in more connections and more Referral Commissions for you.

We’ve also added the QuickSearch module to your Dashboard, allowing you to search the Maven network and submit requests for expertise. Give it a shot – I’ll bet you find some interesting results!

These changes lay the groundwork for an entire suite of new capabilities to make your Maven experience better. Stay tuned for more details…

As always, let me know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for how we can make Maven better.


Anthony J. D’Alessandro

Maven Co-Founder & COO