Since launching our weekly Bulletin Board update emails, we’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response from our users. The emails are a great resource to learn about current topics of interest to our customers, and have generated many Consultations that might not otherwise have occurred and hundreds of new referrals. The weekly message is not customized to a Member’s specific expertise (though we plan to do so in the future…), but reflects the diverse inquiries we see every day at Maven.

If you regularly sign in to check out the Bulletin Board and prefer not to receive the weekly update emails, you can adjust your Communication Preferences. Bulletin Board updates can be changed from weekly to monthly, or turned off completely. You can also make adjustments to the frequency of other messages you receive from Maven on this tab.

If you ever have questions about your Communication Preferences, you can always contact us.  Also, we recently went over our privacy & confidentiality if you are interested in how we protect your information.