Maven Surveys have become a very popular way for our customers to quickly gather opinions from multiple experts. Being invited to participate in a Maven Survey may be a new experience for you, so we’d like to highlight some tips on what to expect when receiving a Survey invitation and how to sucessfully participate.

Survey Invitation

If you receive an invitation to participate in a Survey it means that your profile has been included in a group of other Mavens (sometimes called a “population”) with similar backgrounds. Since many Mavens are typically invited at the same time and the number of total complete responses is usually limited by the customer, you should respond as quickly as possible for a chance to participate. Once the Client’s quota is filled for a survey, your invitation will expire and you will not be allowed to participate… so act fast!

The invitation will include an estimate of how long it should take you to answer all of the Survey questions (most Surveys are very brief, which is why you should respond as soon as you have a few minutes!).  You will also see the payment offer for participating listed on the invitation. This is the amount you will be paid if you complete the Survey by fully answering all questions; partial payments are not made, so be sure to answer all questions in order to receive payment.

Completing the Survey

If you think you are a good match for the Survey based on the description in the invitation, use the “Accept Survey” link. You will follow the acceptance process which will include a few qualifying questions to determine if you meet the Client’s specific criteria for a valid participant.

The Survey questions will likely include a mixture of multiple choice and open-ended responses. They are worded very specifically, so please read each question very carefully before responding so that you fully understand what is being asked. Questions will be presented to you one at a time, and once you answer a question and submit your response, you MAY NOT go back and make changes, so be sure you have read the question thoroughly and fully answered it before continuing. Open-ended questions that allow you to write out your response should be answered in complete sentences (remember: the customer is paying you for clear, coherent, well-written answers, so take your time and fully answer the questions).

Your response is kept anonymous; the customer will receive a link to your Maven profile, but no personally-identifiable information about you. However, you will be asked at the end of the Survey whether you are willing to participate in a follow-up Telephone Consultation on the Survey topic. If you agree, the customer will be able to schedule a paid call with you, leading to more opportunities to profit from your participation in Maven.

If you have any further questions about our Surveys, please let us know!