Yes! We call this Extended Consulting, and it is a very common use of the Maven platform (particularly by large companies seeking short-term expertise). Many of Maven’s participants are available for longer-term consulting projects ranging in length from a few hours to a few months.

Extended Consulting – How it Works

There are three steps to hiring a consultant through Maven:

  1. Screen & Qualify – You can use Maven’s Telephone Consultation system for this step. This will help to ensure that only fully-qualified Mavens meeting your exact specifications can apply for consideration. Simply login to Maven and set up a new inquiry (or contact Maven with the details and we’ll help you set it up), specifying that you are screening potential candidates for a longer-term consulting engagement. You can target specific Mavens for your project or maximize applications by posting to the Bulletin Board.
  2. Interview – Once you have received responses to your inquiry from qualified candidates, conduct short Telephone Consultations with them to evaluate their specific capabilities and suitability for your project.
  3. Hire When you find the right person, contact Maven to hire them. The existing contracts that govern Telephone Consultations and protect our participants also cover Extended Consulting Projects contracted through Maven. That means you can get straight to work without the need to negotiate separate legal agreements, confidentiality, or pricing. Maven will handle all billing and payment so you can focus on getting results from the consultant you hire.

For more information on Extended Consulting Projects, please contact Maven.