If you’ve logged in recently, you may have noticed a big change in your MavenScore– most likely on the positive side. After gathering data for over a year on how user behavior impacts MavenScore, we made some significant updates to the algorithm in order to bring scores more in line with our overall expectations. We observed that the average MavenScore had trended downward below our targeted median, and that the distribution of MavenScores had become somewhat skewed. The new algorithm fixes these problems.

Net result- most MavenScores have gone up and the curve is back in line with our expectations.

Here are a few quick tips for how you can improve your MavenScore:

  1. Update Your Profile. The MavenScore algorithm takes into account the “freshness” of the information in your Profile, so take a few minutes to login and update it. While you’re at it, take a moment to tell us about Languages you speak and Professional Certifications and Licenses you hold.
  2. Upload Your Resume. The fastest way to fill out your Experience section is to upload your resume, CV, or LinkedIn profile. And guess what… the info we have in this section of your Profile influences your MavenScore!
  3. Review the Bulletin Board. Referring others for open projects on the Bulletin Board will improve your MavenScore, especially if the people you refer accept and participate in a Consultation. Of course, if you see something on the Bulletin Board that fits your expertise, please apply for consideration- if you are chosen to consult on the topic your MavenScore will also improve.

For more information on improving your MavenScore, click here.