There are lots of tips here our blog and on our LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter groups for how to optimize your Maven profile and attract more opportunities to consult. Here are our Top 5 suggestions. You can click the links in each tip for more info:
  1. Upload a resume or exported copy of your LinkedIn profile. This will help to fill out the “Experience” section of your profile and give our matching system more material to work with.
  2. Update your Knowledge Summary with the latest information about you. Regular updates will improve your MavenScore. Please make sure your Knowledge Summary is informative- that means no MBA-speak (nobody cares that you are a “conscientious and career-minded professional“). Don’t rehash your resume either, but be sure to focus on hard facts about your work and knowledge. See our example bios for guidance.
  3. Provide additional information in the Knowledge, Keywords, and Publications section. Specifically, include information on products and services you use (professionally), companies you interact with, technologies you are familiar with, and topics you understand. For example, don’t just tell us you’re an accountant- include the specific accounting software packages you work with or accounting standards in which you specialize.
  4. Build up your network. Use the “Invite & Earn” or “Network” pages to connect with other Mavens and invite smart people you know to join the network. High-quality connections will give us more insight into your professional position and could yield Referral Commissions for you.
  5. Activate your Maven Public Profile. This is not for everyone, but if you’re comfortable sharing your Maven membership with others outside of Maven, you can activate a public profile and post it elsewhere on the web. This will help to drive traffic to your profile via the search engines and improve your visibility.
And a BONUS TIP – If you’re in the USA, get ID Verified. This will improve your MavenScore, improve your placement in search results, and make it easier to accept invitations when you receive them. Verification is a critical component of our anti-fraud system.