Over the weekend we deployed a great new feature to help you get more “mileage” out of your Maven profile: public profiles. By activating your public profile, you can share your details with people who aren’t necessarily on Maven and attract more potential opportunities to consult. Here’s how it works:

  1. Login to Maven.
  2. Click on the Profile tab.
  3. Look for the words “Public profile:” on the right side of the green box at the top of your profile (to the right of your name and picture). Click the “Activate” link and follow the instructions.
  4. You will receive a special link you can use to share your public profile elsewhere on the internet. Simply post or send that link to others and they will be able to  check our your Maven profile!

For example, here is Wyatt Nordstrom’s (our co-founder and CEO) public Maven profile (click anywhere on it to visit the webpage):

Wyatt Nordstrom's Public Maven Profile

A quick note on privacy… As you know, at Maven we take your privacy EXTREMELY seriously. As a result, by default your public profile is turned OFF. Nobody can find or view your public profile unless you activate it and send it to them. We will never unilaterally activate your public profile or share it with others without your permission.

So activate your public profile today and share it with others to attract more opportunities to consult.

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