Did you know that you are already a consultant? Think about it – when was the last time a friend, colleague, customer, or other acquaintance asked you to help them to better understand a topic or make a more informed decision? Happens all the time, right?

That’s microconsulting – short bursts of knowledge, perspective, insight, and opinion that help others make better decision. It’s a term our founder, Wyatt Nordstrom, coined back in 2006 to describe what he saw as a growing trend toward shorter, more targeted forms of paid knowledge exchange.

Have you given someone advice on which product or service to choose? Your advice was a form of microconsulting.

Answered a question about how you do your job? That’s microconsulting too.

Explained a key technical term or concept? Described a law or accounting standard in “layman’s terms”? Shared your opinion on the future of your industry? All microconsulting.

At Maven, we figured out a way to help you get paid for microconsulting – that is, sharing your knowledge with other professionals who value your expertise. Likewise, we figured out how to make the world’s minds available to you on-demand. Through our approach to microconsulting, now anybody can be a consultant and anybody can use consultants to help make better decisions and resolve critical business issues.