Maven for Venture Capitalists and Private Equity Investors

Decide with Confidence

The herd is stampeding, but should you follow? Is that hot company the next Google or the next Whether you’re in the Silicon Valley, Alley, Hills, Forest, Prairie, Square, Wadi, or beyond, it’s hard not to be tempted to follow the hot trend of the moment. We help venture capitalists and private equity firms cut through the hype and make smarter investment decisions, regardless of which direction the crowd is moving, by connecting them with those who know rather than those who believe. We have the world’s largest pool of professional expertise on demand ready to help you decide with confidence.

Find Hidden Opportunities

Sometimes the best companies are the ones you hear the least about. While others make splashy announcements and big headlines, the real winners are quietly building great businesses, often overlooked by the press and the investment community. You can help them make those great businesses phenomenal, but first you have to find them. Engage the Global Knowledge Marketplace to ideate, landscape new markets, and discover the hidden gems that nobody else has.

Move Quickly

With so much capital flowing into the market, competition for the best investments is intense. Valuations are rising, but diligence cycles are shrinking. Use Maven to gather more information faster, giving you the insights you need to thorough analyze opportunities – and freeing up your time to do so.

Test Hypotheses

You spend a lot of time thinking about technologies, products, markets, and companies, and you’ve developed some strong convictions. But how do you test them without giving away your “secret sauce”? Use Maven to discreetly engage with brilliant people who can help validate (or negate) your theories in a secure, controlled environment in which your confidentiality is well protected. We started out as a research service for venture capitalists and private equity investors, and we specifically built our platform with the protection of your privacy and confidentiality in mind.

Private equity investors are currently using Maven to…

  • Conduct a full competitive analysis for a potential private equity investment
  • Hire a trusted advisor with deep, first-hand knowledge of the manufacturing industry in Asia to contribute insights, recommendations, and feedback during an acquisition
  • Assess the potential impact of an accounting standards change on a portfolio company’s balance sheet
  • Discover new potential investments in fresh water infrastructure
  • Speak with a target’s customers and competitors to determine the accuracy of management’s statements about market penetration
  • Perform anonymous reference checks on a company CEO
  • Survey hiring managers regarding their preferred online recruiting tools
  • Help a portfolio company learn more about a potential acquirer to determine if there is a cultural fit
  • Learn about the use of big data analytics in industrial plant management
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