Case Study: We Didn’t Start The Fire (Combustion Chemists)

Case Study: We Didn’t Start The Fire (Combustion Chemists)

The Problem

Whether going camping or hosting a bonfire in your backyard, long-lasting logs provide convenience and ease – and several companies started to notice. The Technology & Strategic Initiatives team at one consumer products company saw that competitors were gaining ground in the marketshare, and knew they had to improve their product quickly. In order to understand the advancements in technology and how to work with materials that promote quick ignition and a lasting flame, they needed a variety of perspectives from combustion chemists, engineers and technicians. However, they didn’t have access to these people who could help assess their product and help create the best possible products in the future.

Critical Issues

Niche Expertise      Materials Discovery      Variety of Perspectives

The Solution

Maven worked with the team in charge of assessing quality and finding new materials. Since none of them were combustion chemists themselves, they needed people who could explain the issues at a high level to get them up to speed. Their Account Manager recommended screening experts to ensure they had the appropriate knowledge and expertise and set up a series of calls to help them understand the major advancements and challenges in working with flammable materials. After speaking with a few Mavens, they found the solutions they needed to take their products to the next level and burn their competition.

“With Maven we were able to find information and advances in technology that we wouldn’t have been able to find anywhere else – and we did it with just a few short calls.”
– Director of Strategic Initiatives


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