Case Study: The Magic Potion (Beverage Formulation)

Case Study: The Magic Potion

The Problem

The manufacturing engineering team at a food and beverage company was working on a new formula for a cold beverage. The team had hit a hurdle early in the development process, and was having issues keeping the characteristics of the beverage consistent as it moved from one phase to the next in the production cycle. They needed help from someone who had experience in the step-by-step process of adjusting beverage formulation to achieve large scale manufacturability.

Critical Issues

Technical Expertise     Troubleshooting Skills     Ongoing Support

The Solution

Maven launched an inquiry targeting individuals with deep experience in beverage formulation and scale-up to mass production. Over the next two days, the Maven system qualified over a dozen relevant experts, with three of whom the customer conducted Telephone Consultations. With the help of the three beverage formulation experts, the manufacturing team was able to identify several flaws in their production flow and build a step by step plan to move forward. In addition, one of the Mavens was retained to provide ongoing review of test results and guidance as the process evolved.

“When we came to Maven, we had significant challenges with no cohesive plan to resolve them.  We avoided a lot of unnecessary trial and error with just a few phone calls with the right experts.”

– Lead Manufacturing Engineer


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