Have you ever wondered how Maven would address one of your business challenges? Take a look at the Maven Recommends feature, or request a demo of our platform. There is no one-size-fits all solution, so we’ve developed a number of different ways for you to get the insights you need. Read on to learn how one of our customers recently leveraged a combination of Maven engagement formats to arrive at their solution, as well as our top recruiting needs for this month.

Maven Recommends

Spring, Support, Success

Spring has sprung and it seems that business is busier than ever! Maven is helping our customers drive their initiatives forward faster by providing perspectives and guidance quickly and efficiently. Check out the tools below to find out how the Maven platform addresses challenges of all types:


Have a challenge in mind? Check out Maven Recommends to see which approach we would suggest for getting the perspectives you need, how you need them.


Have you ever been curious about how we leverage the Maven platform? Request a demo for a full overview of our platform’s unique capabilities and features. We’re happy to share more about our approach for accessing insights and expertise.

Maven Recommends

Case Study: Cream of the Crop (Precision Agriculture Tools)

Today’s farmers are faced with unprecedented competition and feel pressure to produce premium product for less and less cost. The strategy team at a growing agricultural tool provider wanted to develop new precision agriculture tools that would help their customers step into the next generation of technology-enabled farming (i.e. satellites and telematics).

Find out how the team leveraged Maven to learn about their customer’s needs and screen potential partners that could help them bring their product suite to the cutting edge.


Immediate Needs for Expertise

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  • Food and Beverage Manufacturing and Supply Chain Professionals
  • British Outdoor Adventure Guides
  • German Healthcare Professionals
  • Pharmacists and Physicians in Latin America
  • Beekeepers