Last month we shared the news of Global Silicon Valley’s annual Pioneer Summit. Today, we’re excited to announce that the keynote presentations are in full swing, and we hope that you will join us by staying tuned in on the innovations and collaborations that will be taking place during the Summit. Read on for more Maven news, a Case Study of one of our recent projects, and some of our top recruiting needs for this month.

GE Minds + Machines

During the 5th annual GE Minds + Machines, hosted here in San Francisco, GE brought together their customers, developers and thought leaders to discuss the state of the Industrial Internet. Maven was highlighted during a segment on the adjacent technologies contributing to successful Industrial Internet outcomes today.

Maven’s ability to help professionals collaborate with expertise both within their organization and beyond was credited with driving forward growth and innovation, with human, technological, and conceptual implications. More highlights can be found here, or via GE’s Twitter Page and hashtag #GEMM15.

Finding the Sweet Spot (Confectionery Market Strategy)

The product development team at a consumer products company was shaking things up by experimenting with applications of their edible gummy product outside of the confectionary industry. The team wanted to host an in-person symposium of professionals from other industries, but the logistics and cost of such an event were shutting down their efforts.

Click here to learn more about how the team used Maven to host a moderated Vitual Ideation Panel and engage these diverse experts over four days to generate real-time feedback on their go-to-market strategy.

Top Recruiting Needs

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  • Medical School Professors
  • EMT Directors and Professors
  • Food Transportation and Logistics Professionals
  • Plant/Facility Manufacturing Professionals
  • ERP Software Implementation Professionals
  • Sales/Marketing Professionals-Luxury Vessel Manufacturers