London Technology Week 2015

Celebrating technology through the power of communication and collaboration.

Last week, as the second iteration of London Technology Week kicked off, over 40,000 people gathered to present, discuss, and celebrate the most recent innovations and successes within the field of technology. The event was focused around six central themes: ‘innovation and growth,’ ‘talent and education,’ ‘investment and funding,’ ‘coming to London vs. going global,’ ‘diversity,’ and ‘social impact.’ The five-day summit highlighted “tech as an enabler for business growth, innovation and disruption” (LTW).

At Maven, we also believe in the power of collaboration and innovation, and followed along closely last week to the discussion on the importance of remaining fresh, vibrant and appealing to the digital consumer.

Among the 200+ events that were presented throughout the week, a few piqued our interest here at Maven. The first, “Stretching digital boundaries in a customer-centric economy,” hosted by Accenture, discussed the tremendous rate of change within our society, and how these changes will impact the consumer, the employee, the corporations, and governments. Another great presentation by EngageWorks, “Engaging your customers and people through collaborative learning,” explored the future of workplace design and processes.

To learn more about the summit and the standout panels and presentations from the past week, visit the London Technology Week home and Twitter pages.