Historically, May has been Maven’s standout month for new consulting opportunities! Since we’re excited to present you with as many relevant ones as possible, we want to remind you that you can earn significant Referral Commissions, even for opportunities that lie outside of your direct expertise. Read on to learn more about how you can take advantage of Maven’s busy May and be rewarded for both who and what you know. I’ve also included a new Case Study of one of our recent projects and some of our top recruiting needs for this month.

Make The Most of May

Referral Commissions – With all the projects in May, Referral Commissions can add up quickly! Check the Bulletin Board for new opportunities daily; it’s definitely worth your time as we award 50% referrals on new members referred in through the Bulletin Board. Check your Dashboard for more details.

Virtual Ideation Panels – May at Maven is busy as it is, but this year, our new Ideation Panel product is taking us to even greater heights. More and more of our customers are taking advantage of the Ideation Panel’s virtual discussion format, so expect to see more Ideation Panel opportunities in your inbox! Already, participants are asking to stay in touch with their fellow contributors to continue the dialogue, and we think you’ll find the lively engagement to be a unique and rewarding experience as well.

Take Me to the Barber Shop (Prototype Design Experts)

Beard enthusiasts from the coffee shops of the Lower Haight to the back alleys of Brooklyn have grown (pardon the pun) increasingly frustrated by the ineffective and outdated beard trimmers on the market.

Maven assisted an aspiring product development team that wanted to bring a superior modern beard trimmer to market. Read more about how the team used Maven to gain insights from prototype design experts, enabling them to fix several critical design flaws just in time to meet the burgeoning market.

Top Recruiting Needs

Know anybody who meets any of these descriptions? If so, introduce them to Maven and earn Referral Commissions.

  • Acoustic Engineers
  • Truss Manufacturers
  • Food & Beverage Regulators
  • Animal Safety Regulators
  • Pasteurization Technology Experts
  • Abrasive Manufacturers
  • Podiatrists