At Maven, we believe that “everyone knows something.” Specifically, we feel that every person has a bit of knowledge that could potentially benefit someone else. Potential Mavens (including our close family and friends) commonly say things like “I would love to join Maven but no one would ever want to speak to me.” Often times, right after those words are uttered, a customer will send us a request specifically looking for that person’s knowledge.

As Maven grows, the idea that “everyone knows something” is more apparent and real than ever before. Our customers are increasingly giving us projects that require either obscure or common knowledge. With the world shrinking around us, the need to find new emerging markets has led to an increase of interest in people from the far reaches of the globe and the knowledge of daily life in other countries and cultures has become increasingly valuable.

Time and again it is proven that everyone is an expert in something and that someone is looking for what another person may perceive as trivial knowledge. At Maven, we are here to continue to help facilitate the interactions between knowledge seekers and providers, as we understand that everyone truly is an expert in his or her own way.

Maven: Sharing Knowledge Fuels Growth from Maven on Vimeo.