“The collaborative economy is growing. It disrupts traditional business models, but it also provides marketers with a whole new range of resources that can enable them in their work.”

Marketing isn’t the only field that is booming thanks to the ever-growing Collaborative Economy.

Jeremiah Owyang, founder of Crowd Companies and social business thought-leader, recently compiled an infographic to illustrate the growing scope of the Collaborative Economy. Owyang’s Honeycomb 2.0, an update to his original model, includes twice the number of hexes – or industries – serving as an indication of the movement’s drastic growth in a relatively short period of time. He asserts that this disruptive collaboration movement has now emerged into industries spanning the Learning, Municipal, Money, Goods, Health & Wellness, Space, Food, Utilities, Transportation, Services, Logistics, and Corporate sectors.

Maven is honored to have been included in the latest version of the honeycomb, reflecting our unique position within the Learning segment of the collaborative economy. The same global trend that has enabled consumers to share (and profit from) everything from their vehicles to their office space – and even their extra money – applies to expertise, which we believe is the world’s biggest underutilized resource.

The striking growth indicated by Owyang’s Honeycomb 2.0 can be noticed at Maven as well. Our Knowledge Marketplace population continues to grow at unprecedented rates year over year, which reflects the shift to an increasing amount of peer-to-peer transactions and consulting engagements over the traditional business model. Maven has also experienced a shift in the type of clients who seek Maven’s collaborative tools, revealing that the collaborative movement is continuing to infiltrate uncharted industries.

Be sure to check out the full Collaborative Economy Honeycomb 2.0 infographic, and read what Crowd Company founder, Jeremiah Owyang has to say about the growing trend of the Collaborative Economy.