For years, we’ve been asked when the Maven website would get a facelift. For years, we’ve delayed the Maven website redesign, not wanting to deploy precious engineering resources on anything unrelated to core product development in direct support of our loyal customer base. For years, we spent time under the hood, undeterred by what the passage of time might do to our paint job. In late 2013 though, one of our biggest customers said something that really caught our attention:

The Maven service is amazing! It’s truly incredible how well the platform connects us with the exact expertise we need. So how come the public website looks so stodgy?

Needless to say, lots of discussion and debate ensued regarding Maven’s website redesign. Although our focus on improving our technology platform made sense for our customers, we finally realized the mismatch between the finely tuned engineering marvel that is the Maven platform and the somewhat less exciting wrapping of the public website. So we undertook a complete overhaul to update our branding and messaging, streamline the information presented, and turn text into pictures whenever possible. This major effort involved every single employee from QA engineer to salesperson and everyone in between. We think this new site now better reflects our cutting edge platform and the excitement felt by our customers who engage with it every day. Without further ado, we proudly present the all new Maven website redesign! Maven Website RedesignWe’re particularly pleased with the Case Studies page where you can view over 40 concrete examples of how Maven has made its customers smarter. In addition to the content and design, the new site is optimized for mobile viewing and much easier to update. As a result, we’ll be able to push new content very quickly, creating a more dynamic experience for our users. We think it’s a huge improvement and is much more effective at getting across the vision: Maven makes you smarter! If you find any issues or have any suggestions for how we can improve it further, please let us know!