As the world is tuned into the World Cup, cheering on and celebrating their home team, at Maven we have been diving into the history of this worldwide competition. Here are some interesting facts you may not know about the history of the World Cup.
    • The first World Cup was hosted by Uruguay in 1930 with 13 teams competing for the title of World Champions.
    • The last time Brazil hosted the World Cup was in 1950. They lost to Uruguay in the final (2-1) in front of more than 174,000 live spectators.
    • Germany and Brazil hold the top spot for most appearances in the World Cup Competition. Both have qualified for the competition on 7 different occasions, but Brazil has fought and won 5 of their 7 appearances and is the record holder for the most World Cup titles.
    • It is estimated that over 3 Billion people will watch the World Cup in 2014.  It is the second most watched sporting event in the world, second only to the Olympics.

And now you know!