Here at Maven, we often like to take the opportunity to share holiday wishes with our community. Despite that it may not be everybody’s favorite day, the 15th of April is certainly a day to remember (if for no other reason than to remind you to file all your returns or extension requests on time). So, from all of us here at Maven, Happy Tax Day! (If this just reminded you that you need to head to the Post Office today, here’s a link to find your local branch hours.)


On a more serious note, tax season reminds us that the world is full of complexity. The tax code itself is an enormous collection of rules and exceptions that changes at such an astonishing pace that even seasoned professionals often find it difficult to keep up; in fact, one need not look further than the official IRS website to see how tax code complexity is discussed as a Most Serious Problem.

At Maven, we routinely help our clients navigate complex systems; from understanding changing regulatory environments to exploring new markets to just finding the right way to sift through mountains of data, our clients rely on us to provide the microconsulting they need, when they need it. Sometimes all it takes is a quick Telephone Consultation. Other times, a more thorough Electronic Survey is in order. Regardless of the format though, Maven can help you navigate your most complicated problems.

If you’re wrestling with your own piece of complexity and need some expert advice, give us a call.

And, in case you’re actually not done with your taxes yet, here’s a link to the IRS forms; Happy Tax Day!