Maven Surveys are the fastest way to source multiple perspectives and gather insight on a particular topic. Customers on the receiving end of a Survey report have called the results “fantastic” and even “game-changing” for their business initiatives.

From gauging the tone of an industry to getting a pulse on trends in a particular market, or even gathering specific technical data on a product; an Electronic Survey can help get you to the insights and data that you seek. The Maven Survey tool is built to enable customers to gather information quickly and anonymously in a simple, streamlined format.

The Power of a Maven Survey:

  • Blind: Maven Surveys are anonymous; members never see who or what company is seeking information
  • Objective: Maven Account Managers are professionally trained Survey Writers who can help to craft and format an unbiased and comprehensive Survey that specifically suits your project needs
  • Fast: Responses typically begin coming in within an hour of survey deployment and on average, customers receive a full set of results within two days
  • Streamlined: Maven’s platform streamlines results online for real-time access and review
  • Professional: Survey reports can be published at any time during or following the completion of a Survey within a matter of seconds, complete with presentation-quality summary and graphs of findings

Customers choose to run Electronic Surveys for many reasons, but consistently report positive feedback on the speed and quality of results.  Reach out to your Maven Account Manager for more information and to get started on a fully-customized Survey so that you too can benefit from the time savings and impressive results that other customers are raving about.