How can we improve and grow our business today? Companies ask themselves this question on a daily basis. The questions look different for every company:

  • How can we make our product better?
  • How can we make our marketing dollars stretch farther?
  • Will a new product deliver a positive ROI?
  • Should we try to grow organically or through acquisition?

Companies hire smart people to make decisions and promote growth and success within the organization, but is looking internally always the best way to find answers? It’s not easy to ask for help, but Maven customers ask for help on a daily basis when they have questions that are best addressed in collaboration with experts outside their company walls.

Here are the Top 10 questions that Fortune 1000 companies, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs ask on a daily basis that are easily answered by external experts:

  1. What do our customers think of our product/customer service? Are we meeting their needs and expectations?
  2. What do consumers think of this product idea? Will it sell?
  3. Are other companies building similar technology?
  4. Are companies building X technology open to partnership opportunities?
  5. Can I find a professional that is currently working with X company/X technology?
  6. How do other industries manufacture their products and source their materials?
  7. How can we improve the process we are currently using? What do other companies do?
  8. What does the future of X industry look like? Who will be the leaders in the industry? Is there potential for investment?
  9. We have an idea, but need assistance understanding the technology, the market and how to develop the prototype.
  10. How will recent changes to the law impact my business?

These are just 10 of the most popular questions we see on a daily basis. When you come to a cross-roads where you need additional professional knowledge and need to know with whom you should speak to find answers… look for a Maven! Outside consultants can help solve your problems and offer an extra hand when the workload is overwhelming or when you are in uncharted territory.